What is the Value of a Receipt?

Receipts contain valuable data that provides insight into customer shopping behavior, price trends, brand or product affinities, and more.

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Innovative Receipt Capture for Web and Mobile Apps


SKU-level product purchases are extracted with ease from every CPG receipt, giving you insights into brand loyalty, spend inc volume.

SKU Expansion

Short acronyms used in SKU line items are expanded by Veryfi into human readable text.

Fraud Detection

Identify duplicate receipts used to claim coupons, vouchers or cash back. Protect your campaign’s investment and distribution volume.

Image Corrections

Automatically corrects image distortions like pin & barrel, detects blur & adjusts perspective issues, etc.

The Leading Receipt Capture Solution

Veryfi is the leading provider of white-label receipt capture technology for loyalty marketing campaigns and apps.


Veryfi Receipt Capture

Watch this 2-minute video to see how Veryfi can capture any receipt, even long receipts, in a single image!


Why Veryfi

Receipt Capture in Seconds

Instantly validate purchases by capturing line item receipt details.

Unlock Brand Insights

Get cross-basket insights from omnichannel first-party data.

Gain Trust From Customers

Ensure customer privacy, with 100% machines and no humans in the loop. 


Veryfi pricing is transparent and scales based on the value you receive, as you scale your usage of the platform.



50 Receipts/Mo.

Good for technology pilots and exploring the Veryfi solution.




$0.08/Receipt. Good for growing businesses and smaller programs.



Volume Discounts

Good for brands and retailers with higher receipt capture volume.



"Top Tier Company for Document Scanning and Data Extraction"

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